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Featured Merrick Collection Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms:  
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Jared P. Turman, PLLC. Maidenbaum & Associates  
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1980 Broadcast Plaza  One Broadcast Plaza, Suite 218  
Merrick, NY 11566  Merrick, NY 11566  
Ph: 516-208-8780  Ph:516-223-8553  
Fx:516-208-8781  Fx:516-223-7096    
Merrick Collection Attorneys  Merrick Collection Attorneys  

Are you a Collection Attorney in the City of Merrick ? Want your collection firm listed above? Click here! provides the very best Collection Attorneys for the City of Merrick . These Merrick Collection Attorneys have the collection experience and know how to collect your claims efficiently and effectively. Simply click on the Featured Merrick Collection Attorneys above or the "Find Attorneys" hyperlink in the above right hand menu and you will be able to access our database for more Collection Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms in the City of Merrick .

Most of our Collection Attorneys have been listed in our Collection Attorney Directory, "The Columbia Law List", for many years and have proven themselves to be the cream of the crop when it comes to collection attorneys who are highly proficient in collecting bad debt claims.  No matter where your bad debt claim is in the Merrick metro area, our Merrick Collection Attorneys have got you covered. Usually, our Merrick Collection Attorneys, Lawyers and Law Firms collect bad debt accounts on a contingency basis, meaning that there is no charge unless they collect. Please check with the individual collection firms for contingent rates or alternative fee arrangements.

Our Merrick Collection Attorneys have been instrumental in providing collection agencies and legal forwarding departments with professional, ethical and expeditious recovery of debts owed in the City ofMerrick and surrounding areas for many years. Unlike most Merrick collection agencies, ourMerrick Collection Attorneys can litigate your claims in court, which in many cases, will bring about a settlement to your case without continuing the process to obtain a consent, default or summary judgment. Each Merrick Collection Attorney will pursue your claim beginning with the collection process all the way through to litigation if necessary and usually to a favorable conclusion.

These Merrick Collection Attorneys are aggressive yet professional. Each Collection Attorney abides by the State Collection Laws and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Their collection law practice is designed to recover your debts as quickly as possible in the utmost professional and diplomatic manner.

We realize that there are many Merrick Collection Attorneys and Merrick Collection Agencies but want you to know that should you choose one of our Merrick Collection Attorneys, Lawyers or Law Firms, your account placements will be handled by some of the finest Collection Attorneys available in the City of Merrick . Their service and support are second to none.

Merrick Collection Attorneys help retrieve the revenue that you thought was lost.

Merrick Collection Attorneys, Collection Lawyers and Collection Law Firms

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